Dragon Ball Tremendous Episode 128-129 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128: With Noble Pride Until The End! Vegeta falls!
Oh my gosh! That’s some shitty information, frustrated and shocked.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129: Transcending The Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!

A Goku dominant episode, probably finally we will get to see the Goku teased from the very first promos of the tournament.

Guys, I didn’t see this coming. I mean yeah I did predict that Goku and Frieza continue to survive but I believed Vegeta would get Eliminated quite near the finish. I guess They’re going to drag the Toruanemnt up to Exhibit 130 and keep the rest of the stuff to complete for Episode 131.

As you know, DBS will finish in Episode 131, and this really makes me wonder how they will finish the entire thing without making it feel as though it had been rushed. It would be a different equation when they’d intended to end it using a cliffhanger, and fans would love that too, but that’s really unlikely.

The major thing about this is Vegeta becoming eliminated, this can be hard for us the Vegeta lovers, but the pattern can be seen. Toppo was also a big threat, and that I don’t how to put this, and they’d this Second Fiddle vs Second Fiddle item intended, Vegeta got the better of it, lost a substantial quantity of energy from the process of carrying out Toppo, and had been all set to have eliminated by Toppo up next. Many fans wanted to watch Ultra Instinct Vegeta, well that’s apparently not happening. This may be the last of Vegeta we get to see in quite along


However, since Goku is defined as Mastered Ultra Instinct at the very next installment it may happen after Goku has triggered after Vegeta gets removed. That could be an explosive event. From the way it has been worded, Vegeta will proceed down powerful, maybe something that would be somewhat prideful, like he might sacrifice himself to save Goku or simply give everything he’s before he goes outside. My prediction is 17 are also removed by this moment, and Goku-Frieza-Jiren will drift up to the climax.

Frieza is one of those last 2 survivors definitely means he will have a very important role in the end. What do you think that it can be? Will Frieza get some type of victory as Super ends? Comment your predictions down below!

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