Kamehameha vs Final Flash Which One is The Best?

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Master Moten Roshi had no idea when he invented the Kamehameha technique that his technique would be admired by the gods one day. Thanks to Goku for becoming the ultimate master of Moten Roshi’s Kame style and bringing the old technique to a whole new dimension. From fighting his master in the 21st World Martial Arts Championship to ousting Kefla in the Tournament of Power, Kamehameha has always been Goku’s powerful technique for eliminating his opponents.

The Final Flash, on the other hand, wasn’t always Vegeta’s Ultimate Technique. He initially started with his Galic Gun Technique, but later realized that he had to focus his Qi so long that it could deal even more damage. Vegeta directs his first Final Flash technique at Perfect Cell, destroying nearly half of his body. Now, the question arises, which Technique is more powerful, Kamehameha or Final Flash? We have given you a detailed comparison between them.

The Origins of The Two Techniques

The two technologies may look similar, but they have completely different origins. It took Moten Roshi nearly 50 years of diligent training to master the Kamehameha technique. In the Dragon Ball series, the first Kamehameha came from the hand of Moten Roshi himself. Use the Kamehameha to extinguish the flames burning in the Ox-King Castle. The technology put out the flames but destroyed the entire area. This shows how powerful the technique is in Dragon Ball Season 1. Goku immediately copied this technique and pointed it at Bulma’s car, causing no damage.

But at the same time, Vegeta got his most powerful technique later in the Cell Saga in the Dragon Ball Z series. He perfected it after months of training in the time room. Although Cell was noticeably stronger, the Final Flash technique left him in a horrible state. Thanks to his ability to regenerate, Cell survived that battle. Now that we know that the two techniques have their own stories, let’s move on to comparing Kamehameha and Final Flash.

Differences Between Final Flash and Kamehameha?

Kamehameha requires concentrating the potential energy of the body in the palm and releasing it in the form of a wave. It is worth noting that Vegeta drew some inspiration from his Rival method of finishing off his opponents. Here, Vegeta spreads his arms out to collect as much ki as possible and combines them together to form a deadly attack that destroys anything and everything in its path.

After years of watching Dragon Ball stand out, I’ve noticed that Kamehameha’s style isn’t always used for killing. Goku always uses it to injure his opponents or push them away from the ring. However, other techniques such as the Destructo disc and Special Beam Cannon were meant to kill the opponent. Likewise, Final Flash was another brutal technique created to destroy its target without fail. Obviously, Vegeta can alter the power of this technique depending on the amount of energy he puts into it.

Kamehameha vs Final Flash Which One is The Best?

In terms of the strongest technique, I think Kamehameha is the best technique. I doubt if there were many fighters like Jiren and Cell who would be arrogant enough to take Final Flash head-on. Vegeta needs to be stationary for a certain duration to accumulate all the energy it requires, which is one of the major limitations and drawbacks of this technology. I’m sure he can’t dodge attacks while taking the last blow. Meanwhile, Kamehameha is a more flexible technique. Goku can easily dodge or even use instant transmission while attacking with Kamehameha. In the Tournament of Power, we saw how Goku dodges Kefla’s attacks but manages to hit Kefla along with Kamehameha. Due to the mobility feature, Kamehameha has become a more versatile and reliable technology compared to Final Flash.

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